You know you’ve reached peak adulthood when you get excited about a new way to fold laundry.

TikTok user @alifestyleforall blew up and blew minds with her video on her pants-folding method, which is honestly so simple I’m shocked more of us hadn’t thought of it before. What’s more, she does it with amazing superhuman speed! Oh, no, wait, the video is just sped up, my bad.


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It’s similar to a method presented by the woman who spawned a thousand memes, Marie Kondo.

Her youtube channel features a slightly slower-paced illustration of her ultra-space-saving variant on the life hack.

So if you’ve got so many clothes you need to do origami to get them in your dresser, well, maybe consider a trip to Goodwill. Or, use these methods.

Bonus video below of Kondo attacking a multitude of different clothing shapes.

She’s just soooooooo good!

I’m not gonna lie, this is so exciting that the next time I do laundry, I might not wait three whole days to actually put it away.

What’s your favorite space-saving trick?

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