How do people feel the moment they learn that they have the opportunity to potentially save another life?

While most people would jump at the chance, there are others who would have to think twice before making a decision.

In these honest confessions, individuals reveal that they’re a match for someone in need of a transplant. Here’s why their reactions range from outright rejection to donating without hesitation.

10. “Then I found out…”

Is this the purpose I’ve been seeking?

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9. Giving up your dreams

To make sure hers come true.

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8. Alive and healthy today

Sometimes it just all works out!

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7. Cheaters never prosper

Just how petty do we want to be today?

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6. Flat out refuse

That is some harsh stuff man.

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5. Kinda scared

We all say we’d step up, but when the moment came, we’d be nervous for sure.

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4. Saved your life!

Now you can give him noogies for decades to come, as nature intended.

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3. Stepping up

What a bittersweet thing to discover.

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2. The possibility

And now we wait and see.

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1. The perfect match

…and yet it does no good.

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It’s a wonder of modern medical science that such things are possible, but that doesn’t make these decisions easy by any stretch.

Do you have experience with this sort of thing?

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