Yeah… have you ever thought about being a sugar baby? Apparently it’s not as sexual as you may think because these 10 “babies” talk very openly about their set ups and you’ll probably be surprised.

Then again, some of these are completely expected…

Check it out!

1. Yeah, I don’t fault somebody for doing this…

If you gotta make your money, you gotta make your money.

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2. I don’t know… because you’re worth it?

I mean… you can always make money another way, right?

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3. “In a way…” haha, ok…

Don’t you mean… “I absolutely get paid for s*x.”

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4. This can provide a HUGE leg up in life… literally!

Financial independence is so big for somebody’s life.

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5. Naw, you’re good. Hell doesn’t exist.

Seriously, you’re safe. Stop worrying about this.

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6. Hey, if it works for you!

But, seriously… you need to learn how to spell. Sorry, not sorry.

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7. Okay, I don’t believe this for a SECOND.

That is some NONSENSE.

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8. Oh boy…

Does this seem real to you? Would somebody be such a cuck like this?

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9. Sometimes it can work out that way…

I do hear that most of the time, though, daddies actually are huge time wasters for babies.

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10. Not such a bad deal!

…. if it’s true. Which it probably isn’t.

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Pretty interesting, right? Not at all what you thought, yeah?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Would you be a sugar baby? Do tell!