Cats rule the internet, and honestly, no one (except maybe the dogs) are complaining. We could look at their pictures and antics all day long, and honestly, with images like these 12, who could blame you?

There’s no better way to smile, no better way to relax, so just sit back and enjoy yourself, why don’t you?

12. That face! Those eyes!

11. Proof that cats are not (always) in league with Satan.

My husband has Alzheimer’s and has trouble staying still. Unless this lil bug is on his lap. This is pretty much an everyday thing with them. from cats

10. All you need for a happy holiday.

9. I love you so much I need to bite you.

8. You are now one step closer to being prepared to own a toddler.

My sister’s cat follows me everywhere, here’s a video of her following me to the bathroom from cats

7. Whoever made this is a hero.

6. Just go about your business peasants.

5. It’s a selfie win for everyone, really.

4. What, you’re not using them right now.

3. Sure, it’s sacrilegious, but it’s funny.

Our Lord and Savior is born from cats

2. This cat does more cardio than I do.

1. I suddenly feel cozier and happier.

I do love a good cat meme. In fact, I’m not chill enough so I think I’ll go looking for some more?

Where are your favorite cat memes and pics? Share a great one with us in the comments!