We don’t get to choose our names, of course, unless we go to court and do just that when we become of age. For these 14 lovely people, though, they didn’t consider that an option.

Instead, it seems they instead decided to embrace the embarrassing, awkward, or just downright terrible names they began life with, and you know what?

There’s likely some kind of power in that acceptance.

14. She’s heard all of the jokes, trust me.

13. That’s what they all say.

12. I do not know why so many of these men go by d%ck instead of Richard.

11. That’s just. You know boys in high school were relentless.

10. She married into that name. It must have been love.

9. He never cheats people. So there’s that.

8. Now you know why his muscles are so big.

7. He tries to manscape, but it just doesn’t take.

6. Just. You had me at Jim Bob.

5. Yeah, you are. Get it girl.

4. I bet he can’t wait to get promoted.

3. Those are some choices.

2. Whoever game him that nickname is appalled that it stuck. If they’re nice.

1. It could be worse. It could say “gobble.”

These are…wow. A gold mine of childhood trauma, I guess.

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