Ah, Tumblr. The place of all things good and meme-y. Not to mention all the great stories.

In fact, that’s what this list is all about. Check out these 14 funny-as-hell stories straight from Tumblr and get ready to laugh.

1. Classic Brenda

2. Just like Jesus

Photo Credit: Tumblr: kaity–did

3. Powerful

Photo Credit: Tumblr: donkamatic

4. Yikes

Photo Credit: Tumblr: thatisrad

5. Truly epic

6. Nic Cage would be proud

7. Am I hearing things?

Photo Credit: Tumblr: goshdaggett

8. It’s all fun until someone gets offended

Photo Credit: Tumblr: bratphomet

9. Badass

10. She better have got an A+

Photo Credit: Tumblr: voxeterna1

11. A helluva drug

Photo Credit: Tumblr: thecapn

12. Dinner

13. You showed him

14. C’mon, Mr. Noodle!

Photo Credit: Tumblr: madlori

Well, I’m all out of laughs for the day.