It’s strange, the things we find in our pockets, purses, cars, and bags. We’re not sure how they got there, only that they’re always with us, and for some people, habit becomes need.

And now these 15 people cannot leave the house without these random, useless things somewhere within reach.

15. Harold the turtle.

A small marble turtle I named Harold In December of 2015 my family went to the Bahamas where I got Harold for $2 and I immediately put him in my pocket, a few days later I had forgotten he was there, but I was like nah can’t take him out now he’s already been there for 3 days. Flash forward to now and I still keep him in my pocket always, almost getting to 4 years.

If he’s not in my pocket I have get really anxious and worried about him, even though he’s inanimate

Edit: Thanks for the silver! Also here’s a pic of Harold

14. You’re the new chosen one.

I don’t carry it with me every day, but I’m a server in a restaurant. One time a kid left this little tiny optimus prime figure on the table. I went to bus the table and saw the little figure. Threw it in my apron and it’s been there almost ever since. That was about two years ago.

The almost is kind of awesome, too. One time at work I pulled a check out of my apron and optimus stealthily took flight. I didn’t notice til the end of the shift. fre*king out, I searched the whole entire restaurant. Never found him. Saga over…. until a few weeks later.

My co worker heard me talking about it. I come by on a day off for a drink and he brings me the drink and tells me to follow him. Sitting on top of our bulletin board high on the top right corner: MY OPTIMUS f*ckING PRIME!!! I’m elated and thank him profusely. I come to find out someone on the shift I lost him found it. They didn’t keep it or throw it away, they placed him in a pen cup. Someone saw it and moved it to the expo window… etc. for a few weeks people kept moving it and I never saw it!! Until my awesome co worker heard me talking about it and reunited me with my tiny useless talisman.

You a real one, Cam.

13. This is very sweet.

The key to the home I grew up in. I was so proud when they gave me a key to the house in 7th grade so I could let myself in whenever I needed to.

They changed the locks years ago, so this key is now completely useless, but I can’t bring myself to take that key off of my key ring. I will always carry it to remind myself of my family.

12. Anyone who hasn’t switched to an app isn’t serious.

those loyalty cards that were forced on me when I was unable to refuse and I still keep in my wallet but deep down I know I’m never really going to use.

11. A well-behaved snail is always welcome.

A plastic snail that I found in my school parking lot. His name is Aaron, and Aaron lives in my bassoon case.

He has played with me all over the country, I set him on my stand during concerts. He’s very well behaved, and never interrupts the concert.

10. A picture of a random cowboy.

When I was in Arizona two years ago I bought a metal spider sculpture off of an old man outside a dingy side of the road wild west travelers stop.

As a receipt he gave me a wallet size printed picture of him sitting proudly atop a horse, with a big white cowboy hat and he signed the back and wrote the dollar amount.

I still have his picture in my wallet today.

9. The sweetest mystery ever.

I have a key on my key chain that isn’t mine.

When my sister was in hospice we went to clean out her house and found that key on the end table next to her couch, so we figured it was important. It didn’t fit any of the doors or anything we could find in her house.

When we asked her what it went to, she was too far gone on pain meds to answer. She died in 2008 but I’ve still got that key, just in case I ever run into a lock that it fits.

8. Just in case you need a reminder where NOT to eat.

Stamp card for a cafe whose food gave me diarrhea.

7. That could actually be useful here and there, I’m sure.

Tiny black light on my keychain. No legitimate use for it whatsoever.

6. Maybe you did in another life.

Guitar Pick.

I don’t play guitar.

5. In case zombies?

I carry around a key to a helicopter. The key fits all Apache helicopters.

4. I just threw up in my mouth.

Hair bands. I’m a guy with short hair, so they are absolutely useless to me.

However, after watching my little sister, my mother, and past girlfriends slurp up their own hair with their ramen…. that sh^t is never happening in my presence again.

3. Carrying around a little piece of history.

The starter key to a 1960s Swiss-made cog wheel train that can climb up Pike’s Peak.

2. Someone has a Peter Pan complex.

Weird rocks. Every single bag I have has at least 2 in them Edit: wow y’all really like rocks!

1. This is so sweet!

My parking pass for the hospital the day that my daughter was born.

I don’t think I have anything like this, but I do find all kinds of random toys, caps, and food stuffs when I clean out my purse. Thanks, kids!

What’s the oddest thing in your bag? We want to know!