When it comes to pickup lines, using them can be kind of like throwing spaghetti at a wall. Don’t worry, though – these 15 have been tested and, surprisingly, have come out smelling like roses (for some).

Remember though, no means no, not try harder, so if they don’t stick the first time, doff your cap and walk away!

15. Say cheese!

14. I think this could be taken the wrong way…

13. When you’re looking to identify the other nerds in the room.

12. Super duper cute, this one.

11. So many nerdy ones – I love it!

10. A fun remix of the “are you a” trend.

9. And this one, which is extra clever if you ask me.

8. I mean…coming on a little strong there!

7. She must have two b/c she has yours, yeah?

6. Updated for the times.

5. “No, but my mom is.”

4. You’ll know you’ve found a bright one if she gets this!

3. Not sure this really works, but I’ve been wrong before!

2. I don’t want to brag, but…

1. I think this one is a winner, too.

Some of these might have gotten a yes from me!

What’s your favorite pickup line? Your most effective? Tell us in the comments!