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Human beings are odd, there’s no doubt about it – sometimes we don’t even know why we’re thinking or doing something, only that we need to, for some reason.

And even though these 16 impulses are undoubtedly strange, you might be surprised to learn that they’re also kind of common.

16. If it’s the only coping mechanism you’ve got, use it.

15. Too many murderous hitchhiker stories as a kid.

14. That’s how I’m going to survive Ebola.

13. I used to scream inside when we went over bridges as a kid.

12. We do like to feel “even.”

11. Makes perfect sense!

10. We’re competitive by nature.

9. Because…you’re still not sure. Ha!

8. Maybe just a touch of claustrophobia there.

7. Nothing like leaving life up to the fates.

6. There’s got to be a reason human beings enjoy even multiples.

5. I’m guessing you just want to feel prepared.

4. You don’t want to taste OR smell it.

3. Or you’ve seen Carrie just one too many times.

2. I love that his parents apparently never corrected him?

1. The old “what if” game.

It’s always nice to feel less alone, right?