Us dog owners are a special breed (see what I did there?). We’ve got our own lingo, jokes, and references that only those with furry friends will understand. So, if you have a special pooch in your life like me, you’ll love these 16 memes about dogs.

And if you don’t have one, maybe these will inspire you to adopt!

1. I see what you did there.

2. Spit it out!

3. How did you even…?

4. Life goals.

5. The dog seems to disagree.

6. Self-care is important.

7. Thank you, pup.

8. Ugghhhhhh.

9. And it’s true…he is a good boy.

10. How lovely.

11. Is it me?

12. Well played.

13. Aw, poor boi.

14. That’s one thicc¬†pupper.

15. Not amused.

16. Will that be to-go?

And there you have it. Sixteen good boys. Sixteen good memes.