This request comes up pretty frequently on Twitter…

Yes we can Jennifer. Because high school is full of things that make no sense and the internet is here to right those wrongs.

16. Absolute 100% truth

15. If teachers got paid more, like every other country in existence…

14. There’s very good money to made in trades, btw…

13. No peaking please…

12. No arguments with this!

11. Can we call them “Five Day Friends” from now on?

10. The hell that are AP classes

9. Subs are just there to help you, you ungrateful…

8. Oh snap

7. So. Much. Truth.

6. Drop the hot Cheetos, pick up some books!

5. Who told you this lie?!

4. Life is an elective class

3. They keep your school clean!

2. Which relationships are the most important? Hmmm…

1. Does anybody want to be a reporter anymore?

And of these unpopular opinions hit home?

I know that one about mental health really did. Just a little bit more understanding and less stigmatization please!