Jimmy Fallon (like the other late-night hosts) aren’t taking time off while they (and everyone else) are stuck at home. They’re still churning out pithy content, scathing commentary, and doing important interviews – all from the comfort of home.

That includes his famous hashtag challenges, and these 9 people definitely came up with great replies when asked to #quarantineabook!

9. This was a hit even before our current predicament.

A bestseller, even.

8. Well that’s just depressing.

Too soon, man.

7. I should never like to meet you again, actually.

In all of my days I shall never forgive you.

6. It’s not all bad.

Midday naps are definitely going to be missed.

5. They get about as much respect as the Order of the Phoenix, too.

Harry Potter peeps, you feel me.

4. It’s terribly funny.

I wish more people would share their mishaps.

3. And what an adventure it has been.

No knife fights on a bus or mini-Thor, but you know. An adventure.

2. Windex doesn’t kill germs but I appreciate the effort.

You can’t miss out on a good pun.

1. I couldn’t help myself!

It was just so well-crafted.

I’m so jealous of people who can think so well on their feet!

What would you add to this Twitter thread? Hit us with your best quarantined book in the comments!