Some people say that Twitter is worthless, but I beg to differ.

As a Millennial, one invaluable service that I can rely on Twitter to deliver is giving me an endless and comprehensive list of what I should NOT consider to be a personality trait.

I gather these carefully, print them out on my dot-matrix, and compile them into a sort of vision board to help me focus. Or at least I did, until I was informed that having a vision board was not a personality trait, and subsequently burned it in ritualistic fire.

Here are some more things to avoid, lest ye be basic.

18. TikTok hate

It’s gonna be fascinating to see a whole generation of people mortified by their old TikToks once they hit their late 20’s.

17. Mix it up

At least we’re not still putting them on CD’s.

16. The most magical place

When we left childhood only to find that the adulthood promised us was desolate and dead.

15. Every single time

VCR stands for “Very Cool Rad.”

14. What’s cookin’

We were instilled at a young age with a fear of sexy vampires.

13. Mondays

TIL all millennials are living in a Garfield cartoon.

12. Toast to me

It’s true, we chose it over home ownership.

11. You oughta know

That’s not true, for some of us it’s Parks & Rec.

10. The buffet

Please ask permission before you quote me directly.

9. See the world

I get the sense this tweet is supposed to make me feel bad, but from what angle exactly I’m not sure.

8. It’s in the stars

Ok this criticism I’m on board with, very tired of this.

7. What’s shakin’?

Tell that to a dog. Yeah, that’s right, you just insulted dogs. Happy with yourself?

6. Millennial pink

I don’t…I don’t even know what this means.

5. ‘Till death

I mean, being happily married kind of is. Do you know how many of us came up in divorce?

4. Tautologies

I think, therefore I am.

3. Self-burn

Wow, turning yourself in like that. Bold.

2. Watch out

Netflix isn’t so much a personality trait as a survival mechanism now.

1. The real truth

But punch away, kids.

So, there you have it. Things that are not personality traits. Do with that information what you will.

Are you a millennial? How do you feel about it?

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