Do you ever get an idea that you think is totally unique and one-in-a-million, but you don’t follow through with it because it sounds kind of silly?

Well, don’t listen to the doubters! You can pull it off! You just have to believe in yourself and have no doubts.

These folks certainly did. Let’s see what they came up with.

1. That is great.

I guarantee you that this is a redneck wedding… and it’s amazing!

His and hers wedding cake
by inATBGE

2. Read the fine print.

I’m not a fan of McGregor, but that is FIRE.

Conor McGregor’s suit of “Fuck you”
byu/WTFisFTWbackwards inATBGE

3. Very cool.

Amazing. Although, it does look like they’re f**king.

Grasshopper-Shaped locomotives stacked on top of each to create a diner in South Korean.
byu/ReaganAbe inATBGE

4. Hey, it worked!

Isn’t that Will Smith? Seems like it to me!

Beaded hair portrait
byu/-L-I-V-I-N- inATBGE

5. Actually looks pretty cool.

Oh snap! That’ll keep her dry!

this silica gel bag
byu/ckkohl inATBGE

6. My heart will go on.

Hahaha… that is all kinds of wrong.

This Titanic blow up slide.
byu/BigCballer inATBGE

7. Wear them with pride.

Completely awesome. I want a pair!

These Campbell’s tomato soup shoes I received for Christmas years ago.
byu/PoopEater10 inATBGE

8. Won’t miss this car on the street.

I hate it… but I also love it.

This car entirely colored with highlighters
byu/disillusioned inmildlyinteresting

9. Nerd alert!

That scares me. But it also inspires me too!

Brain winter hat.
by inpics

10. For all the hipsters out there.

Everybody had this carpet in their classroom, right?

This sweater
byu/ColdDiner inATBGE

11. I might need to get this tattoo.

Perfect pop culture reference. Beautiful!

Lenny and Carl Yin Yang tattoo
by inATBGE

12. Are you thirsty?

Why would anybody think to do this? But… 10/10.

This cockroach cappuccino
byu/MrDrinken inATBGE

Pretty cool, huh? These people just went for it, didn’t ask permission… and NAILED it time and time and time again.

Have you ever created something like the items above that sounded wild but you pulled it off flawlessly? Well, we want to hear from you!

Tell us all about it in the comments!