We all do it: we see beautiful, seemingly perfect people on social media and we get it in our heads that in order to be happy in life, we need to be skinny and pretty with no flaws in our appearance whatsoever.

Even though we do that, we also know deep down that for 99% of us that is not reality and it is totally unattainable.

That’s why photos like this are so powerful and important. Take a look.

1. This is what she really looks like.

Caption ‘For all the people who get insecure from instagram’
by inInstagramreality

2. Nobody is perfect.

My friend is absolutely stunning and does professional modelling, but she does post unflattering photos to prove that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and to show that every body has flaws, even if you can’t usually tell!
by inInstagramreality

3. No editing involved.

What I love about the Royals on Instagram is the fact that they don’t edit their pictures. It’s a breath of fresh air to see face wrinkles and skin texture, this is what real faces look like.
byu/SweetJazz25 inInstagramreality

4. That’s refreshing.

Was shopping for bras the other day, when I stumbled upon this fresh air of an image
byu/MadamMadLove inInstagramreality

5. A real look.

I primarily follow runners on insta. I thought you all would appreciate her photos.
byu/HarveyCohen inInstagramreality

6. This is normal.

No airbrushed skin, no photoshopped nose, and no bleached teeth! Natural is normal.
byu/berrycat14 inInstagramreality

7. Unposed vs. Posed.

Unposed vs posed. A 3 second transformation
byu/MsLunaValentine inInstagramreality

8. She’s stunning!

Shoutout to target for not overly editing their model. If it’s a marketing strategy: it’s working
by inInstagramreality

9. Honest as hell.

She’s my favorite! So gorgeous and honest as hell about everything from body image, to bad skin, to health issues.
byu/berrycat14 inInstagramreality

10. Good and bad days.

This insta-girl posts pics on both ”good” and ”bad” days and gives no fuck about it. I love it
by inInstagramreality

11. About 99% of people have them.

Body positive influencer showing off her stretch marks
by inInstagramreality

12.  No pretending.

I appreciate that this makeup brand doesn’t pretend like their foundation magically makes you airbrushed
byu/berrycat14 inInstagramreality

13. We’re all insecure…

Influencer being real & opening up about insecurities with her body
byu/aussiedomxo inInstagramreality

14. Do not edit.

Just thought it was nice to see a model who has millions of followers show some body rolls and not editing her pics
byu/FrenchAnastiel inInstagramreality

15. One more for good measure.

Refreshing to see a celebrity who doesn’t airbrush their pictures!
byu/nokia621 inInstagramreality

If you’re having a bad day and you think you’re not good-looking or fit enough, keep in mind that it’s all an illusion and even the models on social media have flaws in their appearance.

So love yourself and love your body! And remember to treat yourself well. We’re all unique and we’re all perfect in our own ways.