If you’re anything like yours truly, you love a good pun.

They make you laugh. They make you think. They also drive your family and friends crazy because you can’t stop rattling them off, right?

Okay, enough talking, let’s see some great puns!

1. I get it!

2. A solid thread.

Pun game strong from PunPatrol

3. Operation Pothole.

It shall commence on 4/20 from puns

4. He probably is…

5. Zing!

Knife shirt time from tumblr

6. A trailer…

Was told this belonged here from PunPatrol

7. Let this one sink in…

Sick doggo. from puns

8. I love teeth humor.

Hands up in the air from PunPatrol

9. Hahahaha, showed him.

Still up for sale? from puns

10. Duuuuuude…

Well! from puns

11. Buzz him in! Yes!

Buzz from PunPatrol

12. So good.

Hooker furniture from puns

13. Yeah, you did.

Put Your Hands on Your Head! from PunPatrol

14. A gentleman with a sense of humor.

Found one from PunPatrol

15. I would gladly swim here!

P(●●L) Watch from puns

Long live all things punny!

Do you have a good pun you’re dying to share?

Type it out in the comments and we’ll let the readers decide!