Even though a lot of people thought it was a fad destined to die, VR (virtual reality) system sales are actually on the upswing lately. And it’s hardly surprising. With the technology behind it getting better and better, who wouldn’t want to escape into an immersive fantasy world?

Of course, you don’t need to lay down $800 for an Oculus Quest to enjoy a fantasy. All you need is your mind! And the daydreams that enthrall us are as varied as people themselves, as illustrated by a massive thread on r/AskReddit which posed the question:

What’s your biggest (non sexual) fantasy?
byu/02K30C1 inAskReddit

Thousands and thousands of comments chimed in with their personal mental escapes, and it’s pretty great.

1. Oh to live where no one has gone before…

Living in the Star Trek Universe where there is no money and we all pursue what interests us.

Food, shelter, healthcare and education are all free and we all try and get along. The whole planet.

Total fantasy but that’s what I would love to have happen.

– Limp_Distribution

2. Who doesn’t want to be a rock star?

Playing my music in an arena to tens of thousands of rabid fans

– cool_howie

3. Oh you! lol

Two chicks at the same time.

I’d love to have two freshly hatched chicks to gently snuggle and pet cuz I just think they’re so cute.

– maleorderbride

4. Solitude and nature really can’t be beat.

Go hiking across the Scottish Highlands.

Just me. No mobile phone.

Just me, the mountains and the elements.

– Digibollocks

5. Or you could Rick & Morty it up.

To travel the multiverse for all eternity, shape-shifting and time-traveling forever whenever……

Magic worlds are super cool and I want to have all pets live as long as their owners.

– TempestReaper

6. But maybe another cartoon is more your style.

Pokémon exist in real life.

– Michi2801

7. Some fantasies take a sharp turn.

I want to own a decommissioned lighthouse.

And I want to live at the top. And nobody knows I live there.

And there’s a button that I can press, and launch that lighthouse into space.

– theSafeguard

8. Of course, there’s a reason comic books are a billion dollar a year industry.

Getting superpowers and becoming a symbol of peace for the world.

Someone that inspires people to do good for one another instead of what we have now.

– TreasuryGregory

9. It’s nice to know that many of us would use power to help.

I want magical healing powers to cure people of anything, and yes this is a long-running fantasy of mine.

– Twiteena

10. Maybe being a god among men is all about timing.

Being in the 17th century with the knowledge I have today and think about ways to be the most powerful man on the planet.

– Williamson4

11. Some fantasies are closer to home.

Dancing in the kitchen with someone I love.

I know it’s cliche but it’s what I want

– Amanda4047

12. And some are just…universal.

Mental stability.

– alicemacgee

Personally, I want to go to space. I’m way past my chance to train to be an astronaut, but it’s possible that affordable space tourism could be available in my lifetime, so, here’s hoping my big fantasy comes true.

But what’s yours?

Tell us in the comments.