It seems like 90% of the time, our brains are processing the same kinds of information over and over. It’s just a passive thing, with data going in and out unnoticed. Then every once in a while you see something that makes you stop, and think “Wait, what?”

Then you spend the next couple of minutes, or days, or YEARS, trying to work out what exactly you just saw. If you don’t like those kinds of moments, turn back now, because this page is full of them.

Come, my friends, and be a sleuth with me and help me solve these perplexing cases. Because either these pictures prove that humans are geniuses… or complete morons.

10. It almost sounds like a comedy!

9. The Case of the Double Bike

8. The Mystery of Too Much Truck

7. The Ladder Capper

6. The Mystery of the Confused Ashtray

5. The Terror of the Lobster Mold

4. The Stall-Standoff

3. The Mysterious Miss Mable

2. The Peephole People

1. The Case of the Car that Was Too Tired

I may not be a big city detective, but I’m going to be looking into some of these for a while, because truth be told I have very little to do today.

You got any theories on any of these cases?

Tell us in the comments.