Full disclosure: I am what we in the business call “a guy.” And as a guy, one thing I have always been grateful for is the fact that I. Don’t. Have. To. Experience. Periods. Of course I only know about their horrors secondhand, but what horrors they are! I truly commend all of ya’ll whose bodies give you no choice but to soldier through this monthly maelstrom. You’re the real MVPs.

Maybe these will help, a little? In that way that being seen kinda helps? Here are 16 of the best period Tweets/jokes out there. Period.

16. Love at first sight

Pain, pain, go away, come again another day.


15. Period punctuation

Get it? Because it comes at the end of a sentence. I’ll see myself out now.

14. Trade off

Shady’s back…tell a friend…

13. Jekyll and hide

There are two wolves inside you. One of them is the worst.

12. Step right up!

Imagining a carnival barker trying to do this is absolutely hilarious.

11. Out of nowhere

“No way to see this coming” says body that literally goes through a cycle of it.

10. Just in case

Pretty intimidating figures to add up.

9. Break out!

All of the above? Who knows, the human body is the worst.


8. Swish

I shouldn’t laugh but I am though.

7. It’s a sign

False alarm, ya’ll. Carry on.

6. Glow up

This picture is tied for first in the “most terrifying Furby” competition. It is tied with all other Furbies.


5. RIP vine

This is an absolutely perfect reference and I stan for it.


4. Going out on a limb

It’s the subtle signs you learn to look out for.

3. Fashionably late

Well look who finally decided to show up.


2. Transformation

My how the turntables have…

1. Witchcraft

Keeping the magic alive.

As I said, mad props to everyone who’s gotta deal with this. And huge bonus points for smiling through the pain enough to write funny tweets about it. You’re the heroes Gotham needs.

What’s the worst thing about periods?

Tell me in the comments.