And let’s face it, he won over the rest of the internet, too, because this is just too adorable.

Tinder has a reputation for being the dating app one goes to when they’re looking to hook up, or are otherwise not really looking to find “the one” (whatever that means). People swipe right or left, go on dates, maybe a second one, but the entire thing is meant to be laid back and low pressure.

This guy, though, figured that low pressure doesn’t have to mean low effort – and he went the extra mile to impress a girl named Tilly after they were matched on the site.

He created a Twitter account called Tortellinis for Tilly, and began with a 6-step process for not only making dinner for their date, but for winning her heart by the end of it.

So, here you go (though he’s gotten way too many likes at this point for you to even think about stealing it).

First, you acquire the dough.

Next, you establish rapport with the dough.

Then you (gasp!) betray the dough…

To make a tortellini army.

Finally, you enjoy the fruits of your labor…

All while winning her heart.

The word is still out on how all of this resolved, but there’s no doubt that all of Twitter is rooting for these two.

Because why wouldn’t you?

It’s SOOOO creative!

What’s the most creative thing you ever did to win over a date? Could you share it with us, or is it a state secret?

Let us know in the comments if you’re willing and able!