As far as hot-button topics, it doesn’t get much hotter than abortion. Everyone has an opinion, politicians have taken their sides, and despite a Supreme Court ruling stating that women in the United States have the right to choose, the argument doesn’t look to be settled any time soon.

Women on the internet, though, have started to feel brave enough to come forward with the stories of why they did or did not choose to terminate a pregnancy, and no matter how you personally feel about abortion and abortion rights, it’s important to read these real-life experiences so that we can better understand the vast number and varying circumstances women find themselves in every day.

This girl, Brie, found herself pregnant at 17 after her boyfriend intentionally poked holes in his condom.

He wanted to “lock her in” so that no one else could have her.

He wanted the baby, because he thought it would give him a lifetime of control over his or her mother.

Brie didn’t know what to do, but her friend helped her make the decision to terminate.

A court gave her the right to make the decision without her parents, since she was a minor, and she had the abortion.

Later, her parents found out but were supportive…

…while the now ex-boyfriend had turned violent and psychotic.

He stalked her for years…

…a behavior that only ended when he was arrested.

Brie believes neither she or her unborn embryo would have survived him, had she attempted to make a family out of the three of them.

This is her story. Her life. Her decision.

She’s sharing it so you might have information about how and when some women choose – they feel, even years later, correctly – to end a pregnancy in utero.

I hope that reading it has brought more knowledge to the stable on the topic.