So… what do the fellas out there REALLY think about breast reduction surgery? I mean, it’s not really any of their business, but when has that stopped ANY guy ever?


These guys definitely didn’t hold back. Either it’s in their nature, or they’re just bored. Probably both.

What would you think?

Let’s see what the dudes had to say?

1. Oh well, isn’t that a sad story.

Maybe you need to just deal?

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2. Awesome revelation!

More like this, please!

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3. Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh.

Does it really matter that much?

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4. See! Don’t worry so much!

Scars fade. Love is forever. Well, okay, that’s a lie.

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5. Well, that’s fair. If you can’t respect somebody’s decision, it’s time to leave.

This is how life works!

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6. Sounds like it’s time to make a change, eh?

I’m sure she’ll be happy to move on too.

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7. Boom!

All’s well that ends well!

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8. This guy! Be like this guy!

Big breasts absolutely can cause back problems.

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9. They’ll still be there, pal.

It’s about her happiness, not yours.

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10. It’s fair to have these feelings, but completely unfair for you to not respect her wishes.

It’s her body. She should do what she wants.

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The reasons women get breast reduction surgery vary A LOT.

Some gals just want to be more comfortable, while others do it for long term health reasons.

They key is to respect whatever decision they’re going to make. That will always work out in the long run!