Our parents raise us to be nice and polite, but they forget to tell us that sometimes it’s okay to stand up for ourselves. Being kind doesn’t mean being a doormat, or letting others walk all over us, after all – but some people learn that lesson on their own before the rest of us.

Like this girl, who had no time for someone from her class group chat asking for her notes after not taking any – or doing any of the reading or studying – before an upcoming test.

It starts out sort of normal, just a desperate bloke looking for help.

Yeah, somehow wires got crossed and confusion ensued…

But sh^t gets entitled really fast.

And I’m sorry, but anybody who starts off a sentence with “lol” needs to get beat.

This person has wayyyyyyyyyyy more patience than I would have.

Then it devolves into your typical male-rage bullsh*t.

Which results in him getting no help instead of some.

And here’s what you do to fools like this… GHOST MODE!

Gotta love karma!

Y’all, don’t be this person. Do your own work – but if you’re not going to do your own work, at least accept your own consequences. That’s basic human-ing.

How would you have handled this one? Better? Worse? I doubt I could have been so nice!

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