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You never know until you ask, right? A recent tweet from a guy named Aidan Moher brought all kinds of people out of the woodwork, and they shared crazy but true stories that happened to them in real life.

Let’s dive into the madness!

1. That’s pretty cool.

2. No way!

3. Living the dream.

4. You might know my dad.

5. You’re the class clown.

6. You must know Hasselhoff.

7. Big surprise.

8. That’s pretty scary.

9. What a story!

10. Bad boy.

11. That sounds terrifying.

12. All great stories.

13. Do I know you?

14. That is awesome!

As the saying goes, life is strange…

We want to hear all about the true, weird stories that have happened to you.

Tell us all about them in the comments! We wanna hear all the details!