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Many people still assume that the major symptoms of depression are feeling sad and lying in bed all day, contemplating suicide, and other seemingly obvious hurdles that people face on a daily basis.

This viral Twitter thread, posted by @mollybackes, reminds people that what they think it feels like to live every day with depression might not be quite right. That there are symptoms and barriers to living a “normal” existence that non-depressed people probably don’t realize.

She calls it The Impossible Task.

Her thread explains exactly what that means, how it feels, and the way it can affect people’s lives.

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

And just like any other mental health condition, it can be tricky to nail down.

Molly offers advice about coping with the Impossible Tasks and how others can help.

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

She also goes into how people with depression and other mental illnesses can work to be kinder to themselves…

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

And answers some more common questions. Like treatment strategies:

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

And what to do if you’re living with somebody who has depression:

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

Also, what to do if you’re struggling right now:

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

Ultimately, it helps to be kind to yourself and those around you. And for them to return the favor.

Photo Credit: Twitter/mollybackes

One of the best ways to empathize with someone is to walk in their shoes, and this entire thread is a great way to begin doing just that if you’re trying to understand the people in your life who are suffering.

Oh, and Molly had one last thing to share.

Remember this on the hard days, friends and keep moving forward.

You can do it!