I know your knee jerk reaction to the title of this post is yes, definitely. Family is family, and no matter what, ruining a sister’s life has to make you an a**hole, right?

Well, as with most posts on the subreddit Am I The A**hole, there’s more to the story. In this case, the “more” is that OP (original poster’s) younger sister had been hooking up with her live-in boyfriend for months.

When she found out, OP moved out, informed her entire (apparently close) family of what happened, and moved home. Her parents fired the younger sister, kicked her out of the house, and basically disowned her for being a “disappointment.”

AITA For Effectively Ruining My Sisters Life Because Of What She Did
by inAmItheAsshole

The boyfriend broke things off with the sister and kicked her out of his condo, too, meaning the cheating sister has no place to live, no job, and essentially no family.

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Now, some might say she was now sleeping in the bed she had made with her bad decisions.

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Others might think this amount of revenge is a bit much, for family (and the sister is only 19).

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The general feeling by most is that ESH (Everyone Sucks Here), even the parents, because yeesh. They’re both your children?

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Removing her roof and her income just seems…harsh.

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I tend to agree that no one in this situation is the best person, and though OP deserves to be angry, she also doesn’t have the right to remove a person’s security over a stupid guy.

Do you agree? Do you think she’s justified?

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