Some people are good cooks. Some people enjoy slaving over a stove for hours in order to create the perfect blend of spices and meat and beans and sauce that might or might not wow their coworkers the next day.

And some people, like Maggie Vespa here, forget about the contest until the night before, grab some cans of chili from Trader Joe’s, and proceeds to earn all of the compliments.

This is her story…

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

She made just one mistake – confiding her big secret to a couple of coworkers.

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven


Cut to this year’s chili cookoff, and is Maggie making her own chili this year as penance?

Part Eight

Part Nine

No, no she’s not.

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Moral of the story? Buy your chili at Trader Joe’s and call it a day. I’d call that a win for everyone!

What do you think? Should she have cooked her own or is taking it from the can good enough?

Let us know in the comments!