Tinder isn’t necessarily about finding love for a lifetime, and it turns out that opening lines are kind of a big deal – find a good one and you might want to stick with it, because anything that works, right?

Right. And Anton here thought he had a good one – it went over well most of the time – until something weird started to happen.

He got the exact same response from more than one woman.

Here’s Angie…

Image Credit: Twitter

And here’s Niki…

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So WTF was going on?

After digging a little bit, he found out they were roommates.

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By… linking a YouTube video?

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Weirder? He’s definitely not the only Tinder user to have this experience.

Deleting in 3, 2, 1…

But maybe it’ll work out? Maybe?

I think we’re all going to have to quit Tinder…or just get a new sense of humor, instead.