Tumblr is a pretty amazing place, for a bunch of reasons. According to some stats aggregated by techjury, Tumblr has 171.5 BILLION posts generated by 472 million users, 69% of whom are millennials. (Nice.)

With that many posts to sift through, it would be ridiculous to try to put together any kind of, say, top 10 list. 10 isn’t nearly enough. So, we’ll do a top 12 instead. Much more reasonable.

12. Cat chat

We need to have a talk.


11. Shower power

I can hear the old POWERTHIRST videos playing very vividly in my head.


10. Living in the shadow

Maybe if someone would just take him seriously he won’t go around destroying everything.


9. Basic math

Way to kick ’em while they’re down.


8. He’s got game, boy

Those cases are for Super Mario 6 Golden Coins, not your filth.


7. Self-evaluation

Throw that book away, girl.


6. Cancel culture

The hardest part is acting all disappointed so that nobody’s feelings are hurt.


5. Two words

I’m gonna file this one under “things that are either carefully constructed genius or a total accident.”


4. Face off

Could somebody give me a lift?


3. My word

This is the kind of silly cr*p I’m here for.


2. The classic

He regretti the spaghetti.


1. Bean there, done that

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.


Apparently there are well over a thousand new Tumblr posts being added to the site every single second, so I’m already behind on researching the next top 12 list. Better get to it.

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