Twitter gives us plenty of great hashtags, new ways to make funny jokes, and different avenues for letting people vent about relationships – and #YoureSingleToMe, which calls out what its like to date specific kinds of people, is kind of amazing in every way possible.

Sure, you might feel a bit attacked, but that really says more about you than these 16 tweets, don’t you think?

16. Oh, Jake. Why you gotta do us like that?

15. I mean there’s something else within punching range, just sayin.’

14. Maligning an entire consumer group.

13. Where’s the lie, though?

12. So much astrological hate!

11. I’m not gonna say it’s always true, but…

10. Why is the carpet all wet, TODD?

9. Or maybe sic a bunch of toddlers on you.

8. This mental picture is pretty amazing.

7. Oooh so scary!

6. I’m pretty sure my husband keeps his Android just so he has an excuse not to read links I send him.

5. What if he still used Skype hahahaha.

4. Somebody has been burned by a January birthday.

3. And also they might be an alien.

2. You gotta go with your strong suits, I guess.

1. I can’t verify but this seems legit.

I couldn’t love any of these more if I tried!

Do any of these resonate? Is it like looking in a mirror? Drop us your thoughts in the comments!