There are something like 3.5 billion searches in Google worldwide every day. That’s roughly 40 thousand every single second.

Given those stats, some of them are bound to be a little…odd…like the ones people got talking about on this Reddit thread:

What’s something SFW that you’re embarrassed to have in your google search history?
byu/djc8 inAskReddit

Let’s get to the strange.

1. Makes sense.

How many times I’ve had to google “child enemas”.

My son has a colon condition, but man it would be awkward explaining it all.

– alwaysiamdead

2. Knowledge is power!

What does (insert word) mean

– prase0dym

3. Do the creep.

People I know. I don’t do it often but it always feels like snooping.


4. Phrasing!

I was wondering who played the Russian guy in the movie Snatch so googled “Russian Snatch”.

– regulardave9999

5. Wed. Nes. Day.

always typing in Wednesday.

Just to make sure I spell it right.

– keindankeanke

6. With friends like these.

My friend and I are both a wealth of random, useless facts a few weeks ago he told me that if you rub pork fat on a cats lips the cat would whistle, and there was lots of videos of it on YouTube, like an idiot I fell for it and googled “cat whistling with pork fat on lips”

– yuckyfingers

7. Godspeed.

“how many kgs of blueberry cheese danish can I eat without getting diabetes”

I had to go look at my search history to for this question and I have no recollection of ever searching this up but it was there.

– draconicblur

8. I crave the lasagna.

“What is the name of the cat in Garfield”

– MickzzzBoi

9. Dream on.

Houses on Zillow.

Particularly in odd areas where there happens to be homes for sale.

I just look at them, with absolutely zero intention of buying it.

– willybean08

10. Hedge money?

How to pronounce hegemony.

Turns out I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life! Good thing it doesn’t come up much.

– Veritas3333

11. Unfortunate letters.

There’s a company that makes fire proofing material called STI.

I googled that and immediately regretted it.

– siegetip

12. False dichotomy.

I was helping clean out my grandparent’s estate last week, and I decided it was worth googling “vintage vibrator or curling iron?” before I went any further into their bathroom closet.

Spoiler Alert: It was a curling iron.

– NeedsMoreTuba

13. Sitting for dummies.

“How to sit on a couch correctly”

I have back pain and I feel like my couch sitting skills need to improve, but I still feel like a dummy for googling it.

– paperbackella

14. Game on!

My husband and I play this strange game where we ask each other random questions.

We guess at the answers and then look it up to see if either of us are close.

We’ve recently discovered that birds don’t fart but it’s very likely that spiders do!!

Lol our search histories would be quite comical at times.

– MommaStlouis

15. Well that seems unnecessary.

How to spell necessscacaveesseary

– puppies_horses_books

I always have to google the spelling of “ceiling.” I could live to be 1,000 and never get it right on the first try.

What about you?

Tell us your google blunders in the comments.