Some people say that we’ve just got too many warning labels on things these days, but I say we don’t have enough.

We need to start putting them on people too.

If people came with a warning tag, what would yours be?
byu/Memeclub_ inAskReddit

Here, via the folks of Reddit, are some warning labels you might consider if you fit the following descriptions…

Let’s take a look!

1. Lame.

Object appears cooler than it actually is

– Mycellanious

2. Introverted.

If you can read this you are too close

But in really big letters

– Redland_Station

3. Poorly endowed.

Warning: choking hazard. Small parts.

– SnooBunnies9328

4. Falling apart.

Some assembly required

– epz

5. Hungry.

Approach with snacks

– humaneclair

6. Poisonous.

Do not eat.

– ruico

7. Endowed.

Contains nuts

– Grrreeen

8. Awkward.

extremely awkward, handle with care

– iliketobecalledRain

9. A lost cause.

Condemned: stay away for your health and safety.

– ShyOstrich

10. Anxious.

Warning: Despite liking you & enjoying your company, this person suffers from debilitating anxiety & will likely never contact you to do anything for fear of bothering you.

– cohibatbcs

11. Loud.

“He isn’t yelling at you. He just has a big voice.”

– Drumlin

12. Impulsive.

Poor Impulse Control


13. Old.

For best results, please use before expiration date.

– VictorBlimpmuscle

14. Dumb.

Warning: Extremely stupid, flammable.

– CanadaMoose5

15. Uncertain.

Likes to talk, just doesn’t know how to start a conversation.

– Dreamer2498

16. Canine-inclined.

Likes dogs more than humans

– uddane

17. Distracted.

Caution: this person can’t focus on one topic and in one sentence there will be at least 5 topic changes

– mooqley

18. Uncensored.

Warning: Filter gone

– Shimmybaby84

19. Attentive.

Warning: cannot think of anything to add to a conversation but still enjoys listening.

– grumpy_mama_86b

20. Profane.

Speaks mostly in profanity

– Gonzostewie

21. Touchy.

Will spank you once I get comfortable around you.

– Awkward_dounut

22. No touchy.

“Low self esteem, do not touch”

– girlsplzpmyournudes

23. Bipolar.

Occasionally depressed or hyper .

– throwaway171f

24. Forgetful.

Low storage space. Information may not be saved correctly.

– Xero125

25. Mean.

Beware: Certified *sshole

– Mark_Twayne

26. Quiet.

If muttering is heard please ignore, voice setting is on low.

– Phrutekhake

27. Thirsty.

Warning : Full of lust.

– SnooMaschinne

28. Talkative.

Warning: May talk for hours at a time, nonstop

– Henry-The-Nobody

29. Ugly.

I did come with one…my face says it all.

– fuwhyckin

30. A literal Gremlin.

Avoid direct sunlight and don’t feed after midnight

– GingerNinja793

Honestly, I think I could probably use more than one of those for myself. Might end up with so many stickers on me that I look like a touring musician’s guitar case, but at least people will know what they’re getting into.

What sort of warning label might you put on yourself, and why?

Tell us in the comments.