According to the Omicore Agency, about 80% of Twitter users are “affluent millennials.” I’m not entirely sure what their bar is for “affluent” there, but it being mostly my generation sounds about right.

About 42% of people who use Twitter are on the platform every single day. That’s really quite something. That means there are a huge chunk of people around my age coming back to this platform day after day after day.

And for what? To do business? To keep up with the news? To share important information? Nah, mostly to just look at dumb stuff like this.

13. Bread basket

God abandoned us long ago.

12. Closing up

It’s really just time passing, how you decorate that time is up to you.

11. Pay up

Sure hope there was no important info on the other side of that thing.

10. Quite a stretch

These are just my everyday wear now and we all know it.

9. Pull some strings

Did you just nope outta there as fast as you could?

8. Plants and animals

That dog is going to make so many sales today.

7. Priorities

You’re making the right choice.

6. Write it down

This is all just a part of my process.

5. Jesus seems sus

Bet he can multiply ’em like loaves and fishes, though.

4. Watch out

They won’t know what didn’t hit them.

3. Face facts

It must be exhausting to live like this.

2. Idiot sandwich

Sounds like a weirdly specific fantasy, but no judgement here.

1. WILD!

Hahaha this is fun America is broken.

Another day, another batch of wonderful tweets.

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