“Friendship can’t be taken lightly…It’s hard to build and easily broken. And once it’s cracked or falls, it’s very hard to fix.” – Soul Sisters

If you are the type of gal that approaches friendship with selfless loyalty, support, and love, then you know that suddenly losing a best friend that you thought you would grow old with hurts.to.the.core.

Suffering the loss of a special friend disorients your emotions and love for the friendship that you built, but especially for that person. It leaves a void in your heart that you will most likely never get over…

Because you don’t take friendship lightly. You can always expect to feel heartbroken from a romantic relationship, because deep down you are somehow prepared for the sudden blow. But a friendship?

When you click with a best friend, you become so tight so quickly, your souls just knows that you’re in it for life. It’s a tacit commitment that you undertake without questioning. You best friend is literally your ride or die, and nothing can tear you apart.

You trusted your friendship and your friend with conviction. Why wouldn’t you? She was there for you through the hardest of your times and also the happiest. You’ve shared your fears, and dreams and you’ve made plans for the future, but not just for the near future, you made plans for life.

You talked about how when you’re eighty years old, you’re gonna sip on expensive wine and laugh at all the good times you spent wasting time with some douchebag in your twenties. You’re gonna reminisce about the time you got so drunk, you ended up telling each other some hard truths that made you cry and laugh at the same time. Because that’s what friends are for.

You appreciate every moment you shared with this person because your friendship was pure and real. So when suddenly your friendship goes awry, you literally cry inside.

The emotional pain of losing your best friend doesn’t feel right, and it definitely doesn’t feel good. You no longer have the person that you one hundred percent trusted with your mind and soul. What’s worse is that it seems as if no matter what you could possibly try to do to avoid the break, it cannot be undone.

Even with all the history, and all the emotional investment you both put into being unbreakable, it feels as if the broken pieces had lost the special force that kept you together. And the bitterness of what had caused the emotional wreck, had tainted your hearts.

It grieves you to think of your friendship as just a memory. You can’t help but miss all because you two had the best friendship in the world, or at least you thought you did.