Jimmy Fallon seems to up his hashtag game every time he encourages Twitter users to play…or maybe it’s the Twitterverse that’s intent on always being quicker, funnier, and cleverer with each rendition. Either way, these 14 #WhyDidISayThat tweets will have you snorting milk and cereal all over your keyboard.

Consider yourself warned.

#13. Dude. Never ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she’s literally giving birth in front of you.

#12. Akin to the famous Dirty Dancing line, “I carried a watermelon.”

#11. We all know the only reason to go outside is for food. Right?

#10. You might as well have just said, “I’m a stalker.” Because that’s what he heard.

#9. With family like you, maybe Grandma would agree.

#8. No moment is a bad moment for a Mean Girls reference.

#7. #awkwardlaugh.

#6. Once I thanked a cashier, and she replied, “I love you, too.”

#5. You probably made his day.

#4. Hopefully they didn’t hear you?

#3. …And then there was an unavoidable thirty minutes of uncomfortable silence.

#2. Annnnnnd we have a clear winner!

#1. I mean…if she finds the cat, it will totally be funny.

Hahaha… now those were hilarious, right?

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