One day, I’d like to be married. But the wedding part…I think I’d be ok skipping.

Adding reason #347 to my list of “Why weddings are more trouble than they’re worth” is this post by Lioness_96 on r/weddingshaming about an acquaintance getting way too into her upcoming nuptials.

It starts innocently enough, though generally it’s customary to, yanno, wait for an invitation.

“I’m sorry we don’t have space for you” isn’t an easy thing to say or to hear, but hopefully that’s that, right?

Then things take a TURN.

Yeah, I have no idea why she maybe wouldn’t be saving you a seat…

From the screenshot in the original post, it seems like the conversation continued from there, but that’s all the author chose to share. Lord knows what happened next.

And so… Reddit responded and definitely are on OP’s side.

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This apparently happens A LOT more than we’d think.

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Who are these people?

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How do they exist in our world?

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What’s your biggest wedding nightmare?

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