Meet Bree Wiseman.

A couple years back, the 22-year-old pastry chef shared a photo of her dog on Facebook next to a plate of food, and taught a lot of people a valuable lesson.

She wrote:

To the people that say women get raped due to the way they are dressed. This is my dog. His favorite food is steak. He is eye level with my plate. He won’t get any closer because I told him no.

If a dog is better behaved than you are, you need to reevaluate your life.

Feel free to share, my dog is adorable.

Needless to say, the post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, and over 5,000 people have commented.

There were a lot of dog lovers…

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bree Wiseman

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bree Wiseman

And people who couldn’t have agreed more!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bree Wiseman

On person tried something similar with her pooch…

While others used the post to help people make important realizations!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bree Wiseman

Wiseman post went so widely shared that the Huffington Post reached out and talked to her. She explained why she decided to put together the post…

The only person to blame in a rape offense is the rapist. It was their decision to rape. People shouldn’t have to worry about what they chose to wear for fear of rape. I want people to see that this is a problem, and to stand together against victim-shaming.

Bree continued…

If a 4-year-old pit bull understands the word no,’ even though he is looking at something he wants so bad he is literally drooling, then adults should understand ‘no,’ no matter how the other adult is dressed.

Completely agree! Bravo!