When was the last time you went clothes shopping and thought “oh this is great, everything fits so well!”

Probably never, right?

Regardless of your age, size, or gender, clothes shopping is one of the most self-consciousness experiences anybody can have, leaving us with the sense that everybody else is shaped right and we’re the outliers. But as tumblr user inkdot pointed out, that’s really an illusion, and one perpetuated for a pretty simple reason.

Read on, and maybe feel a little better next time you’re in a fitting room.

A key question was asked…

The answer was simple: customization…

She gets schooled about what alterations REALLY means…

Gals, you too can live this life… if you have the means.

But why aren’t people told this stuff? It would make sure people don’t feel bad their ENTIRE lives.

And so, this is the post to tell everybody. Pass it on!

If you could wear literally whatever you wanted without fear of judgement, what would it be?

And would you get your clothes tailored if you had the means?

Let us know in the comments.