Everybody has had terrible roommates at some point in their life. You’re probably thinking about the worst you’ve ever had right now. Maybe you’re even living with the worst you’ve ever had right now. If that’s the case, make sure they’re not reading over your shoulder or something, because there’s basically some revenge advice in this story that you might end up wanting to use against them.

For most of us, or at least for me, my enormous frustration with inconsiderate roommates has always been dwarfed by my non-confrontational personality. Sure I’ll complain to other people for days and days but I’m not likely to straight up…do anything, because when all is said and done, I’d rather just live in peace and get through it. Reading this story, however, makes me rethink that approach. Maybe a few days of harsh confrontation could lead to months or even years of the peace we all deserve.

The tale comes from Reddit user blu3tu3sday, who apparently initially posted it to the subreddit Petty Revenge, but then upgraded it right past Pro Revenge all the way to Nuclear Revenge.

Was the deed worthy of such an extreme promotion?

Read on, and decide for yourself.

Chapter 1: Pick Your Battles

Chapter 2: Release

Chapter 3: The Waiting Game

Chapter 4: Stone Cold

Honestly, I can’t decide who, if anyone, I’m even rooting for in this story. But I gotta admire the sheer brutality of OP’s methods. Maybe that couple will learn not to get on everyone’s last nerve in the future now that they’ve realized what it can lead to.

But what do you think? Deserved? Too far?

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