The only time I personally have ever worn wigs are a select few instances in which I was performing in plays and such.

Wearing them day to day for normal life? That’s an experience that’s far beyond me.

But these anonymous ladies sure have some crazy stories about what can go wrong.

10. “I was mortified”

Somebody call an ambulance right away.

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9. “Flew off while I was on stage”

When they said “take it off” I doubt that’s what they meant.

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8. “My wig fell off my head”

I’ve always known that lanyards were somehow nefarious and not to be trusted.

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7. “So embarrassing”

A little less of the grooming action, huh, buddy?

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6. “He cried for me”

In his mind he’d just hurt you real bad.

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5. “He didn’t take it very well”

That’s gonna be quite surprising, to be fair.

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4. “I’m sorry traumatized children”

“What exactly am I looking at right now?” – all the kids there

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3. What a twist!

Oh dang, this one goes places.

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2. “He didn’t know”

Well, now he most certainly does.

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1. “She didn’t seem to care”

Then there’s nothing to worry about.

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We’re all just out here trying to look good. No reason we can’t get a bit of a laugh out of it when that goes wrong.

Have you ever had an experience like this sort of thing?

Tell us about it in the comments. We won’t tell, we promise.