People talk a lot about falling in love, or falling out of love. We talk about crushes, and attraction, and so on.

But the thing is, it can be hard to parse those topics out sometimes. They get intertwined. Are you in love or just infatuated? What’s the difference? How long will it last? What would it take to shake that feeling, and then where would you be left?

That’s the sort of situation the women behind these anonymous confessions found themselves in.

10. Let it go

There’s letting go and then there’s REALLY letting go.

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9. Help

Boy, that happened a lot faster than you’d think.

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8. Shave and a haircut, two bits

You can’t just wait for it to grow out a little again?

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7. Personally speaking

I mean, that’s fair enough I guess.

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6. Not so driven

Not sure if it’s a you problem or a me problem.

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5. The past comes back to bite

Was it sex?

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4. Zero interest

Having a compatible drive is kind of important in the long run.

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3. Trans and pan

I…would not know the first thing about advising on that situation.

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2. Cut to the chase

Man, this thread has made me realize that it is REALLY dangerous to cut your hair as a dude.

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1. Butt touches

Personally, I’ve always found twerking to be way too inherently silly to be hot.

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Best of luck to all of you – may you end up with someone better suited to you.

Have you found yourself in a situation like this at some point?

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