Personally, I’ve never cheated. In a relationship, anyway. I’ve cheated plenty at various games and at life in general. But when it comes to dating, I’ve only been cheated ON, thankyouverymuch.

It’s a headspace I have a hard time imagining. Being in that position where you screw around with someone behind the back of a person who loves you.

And once you’re in, how do you get out? Even if you want to? Let’s get the perspectives of some people who have been through it, via these anonymous confessions.

10. It’s just biology

College professors starting relationships with students, while maybe technically legal, is still pretty troubling.

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9. Blackmail

Out of spite? Revenge? Who knows.

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8. The other side

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of soul-searching to do.

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7. Beautifully intense

I’m not sure why but now I kinda really wanna know what store this was.

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6. Not worth it

Wait, a guy who pays you for it?
Honey, that’s not a friend with benefits, that’s just sex work.

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5. The guilt

It would absolutely consume me, I can’t imagine.

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4. No regrets?

We really don’t use the word “torrid” in enough contexts anymore.

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3. No abuse

If they’ll cheat with you, who knows how else they might mistreat.

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2. Ugh

I’m not sure what the social protocols are for such things.

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1. Side chick

Passing the buck, I see?

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Well, that’s all…a mess.

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