Breakups can be tough, especially when they happen around the holidays.

Not to brag or anything but my most recent breakup happened literally he week of Valentine’s Day. Yup. Gonna go ahead and file that away under “crazy bullsh*t I’ll carry around for the rest of my life.”

Lucky for me, I’m not alone in experiencing this unique brand of gross. Plenty of other people have too, and they took to the internet to anonymously vent about it. Let’s listen in.

10. “I think it was the wrong timing.”

Yeah, I’d say that’s probably an understatement.

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9. “Now they are 6 months in.”

Some people move on so fast. I’ve never understood it, but that’s just how some folks do.

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8. “He can have the necklace.”

Psh, whatever. Talk to us when there’s a PS5 in the mix, those things are practically unobtanium.

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7. “Still hung up.”

After five years and counting…

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6. “It came the day after.”

Sounds like you were left unfulfilled.

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5. “Through his friend.”

Ok but why is this accompanied by an image of pizza?
Did he take your pizza?
That monster.

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4. “On the floor of my bedroom.”

Sell ’em, baby.

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3. “I didn’t eat.”

Woof. That is some serious depths of heartbreak and depression.

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2. “Everyone decides to just fall in love.”

Is that how it works?

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1. “Throw away the promise ring.”

The way this is written suggests to me that these are very young people we’re talking about.

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To all those who have made the yuletide crap, may you heal by next Christmas.

Have you had an experience like this?

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