I’m a man. At least on paper. Most days I feel more like a confused kid, or perhaps some kind of forgotten species of weasel whose forthcoming extinction will go unheralded.

I’ve always been a little jealous of the sorts of people who really feel like they’ve got a firm and comfortable grasp on who they are – on what their identity is.

But reading through these submissions on what moments made guys feel like “real men,” I realized something that might just qualify as important. I realized that I’ve had a lot of these experiences too, and they did feel really good. And that that sort of confidence boost probably just isn’t permanent – security comes and goes. And that’s alright. And it’s alright to take note of the moments that make you feel proud.

10. Moving out

And definitely movin’ on up.

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9. What’s mine is yours

Not sure why this is accompanied by a picture of a dog leash but I’m not here to judge.

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8. Working out

Man, I REALLY gotta start doing this again.

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7. I’ll drink to that

If I remember right my first beer purchase was something horribly embarrassing.

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6. Vote and tote

Two out of three ain’t bad.

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5. Friendly advice

It’s a little frightening and a lot empowering.

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4. By the self

Yeah, agreed.

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3. Family dinner

“So, do you have any siblings?”

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2. Bringing forth

It’s gotta feel so invigorating and so intimidating.

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1. A helping hand

That’s awesome.

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It’s nice to feel like you’ve really come into your own.

Have you had a moment like that in your life?

Tell us about it in the comments.