Anyone who has a lot of friends with kids will have heard over and over what a joy and a treasure they are – but you’ve also doubtlessly heard a fair share of gripes as well. Because the reality of parenting is, just like all human relationships, messy and complicated.

But where does it go from gripes and growing pains to a full on, worrying sort of dynamic?

The line between the two is getting pretty blurry with these real confessions from parents having problems with their kids.

10. The hate you give

Jealousy is a powerful emotion which seems to know no bounds.

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9. Minute by minute

Not exactly the kind of dynamic you want to foster.

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8. Eat your veggies

There are certainly worse punishments out there. Well done.

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7. All day long

Gotta keep that stuff stashed up high where they can’t reach.

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6. A bitter taste

But how many times has he fallen for it?

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5. Furry children

Have patience, it’s gonna be really hard on her too.

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4. Destroyer of worlds

Man…how so?

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3. Work it

When you’re doing your best but you’re just spread too thin.

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2. All dressed up

Do they even fit though?

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1. Meanie meanie

I’m rubber and you’re glue.

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If you’re a parent frustrated with your kid, my heart goes out to you. Seems like a tough job.

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