I’ve heard it said that being a parent is like watching your heart walk around outside your body. That’s gotta be a tough adventure to pursue. Even tougher when that same heart starts screaming and driving you insane and annoying you in new and innovative ways every day because they have no independence or self-reliance or access to beer.

So, what to do? What happens when the light of your life becomes the bane of your day?

In the case of these parents, they decided to vent their frustrations on the internet.

10. Do it anyway

That’s just kinda how all kids do, isn’t it?

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9. Evil

Wow, that is a pretty serious statement.

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8. All in the family

The guy is growing up and exploring, give him some room.

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7. That’s the poop

“There we go, your problem now.”

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6. One look

When even the sight of them is enough to set you off.

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5. Buy buy buy

Kids aren’t born with any kind of understanding of money.

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4. Allowed

Well, it certainly sounds like there will be no shortage of bitterness all around.

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3. Your loss

Retainers are the absolute worst though.

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2. Scream queen

It’s like their favorite thing in the whole world.

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1. Every minute

Gotta nip that in the bud right away.

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I’ve never had kids yet, and after all that, I’m not sure if I want to.

Have you had experiences like these?

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