Is there anything worse than really entitled people?

Okay, there probably is. Yanno, like Hitler. But wasn’t he entitled one SOME level?

Still, you have to admit, these kinds of people are pretty awful. And here are some prime examples that might get you a little peeved.

1. For free…

Seriously bro… are you f**king kidding me right now?!

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Haggling.

Well, this went on for WAYYYYY too long. Good lord!

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. You sure you didn’t ask?

This has to be a troll, right? RIGHT?!?

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. That’s kind of a lot to ask for…

Wait… does he not know? Did nobody ever tell him?

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Just give it to me.

Because that’s how these things work, right?

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. The pot and the kettle.

Who is the original poster? Bro… pay the money back!

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Quite a negotiator.

I like this kind of back of forth. Sounds like something will happen for them!

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Maybe just one of you loses?

What exactly is this guy trying to prove? That he’s especially stupid?

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. A laundry list of demands.

The term bridezilla doesn’t even begin to describe this b**ch.

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. This one is incredible.

That is QUITE a quick drop. Let’s see if it works out!

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Bring your own food and drinks…

So… why 8 years experience? I’m confused…

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. Wow…

Who makes organic candy canes? Anybody? Are those a thing?

Photo Credit: Reddit

So yeah… actual REAL monsters, right? I just can’t even with people like this.

Have any stories were you encountered this type of insanity? Share them in the comments!