Starting a conversation with a stranger you find attractive is never easy.

It takes courage and grace and yes, a great opening line to wedge your foot in the door!

If your go-tos are feeling stale or not getting the smiles they used to, why not give some of these 13 pickup lines a try?

13. This one is great because you don’t have to remember anything.

12. I’m not sure this is a compliment, but it is unique!

11. Girl, everyone loves a classic.

10. On the outside, I mean, but it’s a good start.

9. Everyone loves socks – let’s just hope neither of you gets lost in the dryer.

8. Bold, considering you just met.

7. Harry Potter is the way to so many girls’ hearts.

6. Debbie Gibson just started playing in my mind.

5. Are you an eye doctor?

4. That’s one way to break into the conversation!

3. Hahahaha I like this one.

2. A smart boy – we like that!

1. Guaranteed to get an eye-roll…and a smile.

Some of these definitely would have had me engaging for a chat, if nothing else.

Do you love any of these? Do you have one that always works?

Share it with us in the comments!