You want some funny hairstyle memes? Say no more.

Here’s 15 great ones we trimmed up just for you, fam.

15. Return of Scrat

Your head will now be pursued to the ends of the earth.

14. Play, though

Getting it back in the can is gonna be awful.

13. Captain Planet

Don’t you pollute these roots.

12. So soft

You’re hearing that startup noise in your head now.

11. Twoface

He’s business in the front, a cop with a beer gut in the back.

10. It happens so fast

I have several questions about this.

9. Getting ahead

“Somebody robbed my head today” – a sentence this guy will soon be saying.

8. If you like to talk to tomatoes…

There’s never ever ever ever ever been a cut like this.

7. Dragon Balls

Maybe he just lost a fight with his hair dryer.

6. So clean

You have 5 minutes before you start getting “low ink” errors again.

5. Can-do

Even if it means losing everything.

4. Gotta catch ’em all

Oh, I definitely choose you.

3. Mad hatter

Look at that smile. She knows what’s up.

2. Up in my grill

Your face looks delicious, bruh.

1. Get to the chopper

I think she’s getting carried away.

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