A wedding is a day that so many of us are brought up to dream about, to look forward to, to seek after.

But what happens when you realize you simply don’t like what you see?

What if you have a sense from the very beginning that you’ve made a big mistake?

It seems simple enough from a detached perspective to just say “Well then end it. Get a divorce.” But of course, it’s not always so simple. The ties that bind us to people, the commitments we’ve made, the costs we’ve sunk, the expectations of those around us, the haunting fears of failure, all of these compound into a force that can override our red-flag detection, at least for a time.

And so we’re left making confessions like these…

10. Not tears of joy

Could anyone on the outside tell the difference?

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9. Talk me out of it

Real life is not the plot of a rom com.

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8. Clinging on

Talk about a runaway bride.

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7. Fear is powerful

What, with all these people watching? All this money? All this pressure?

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6. Get kicked

There’s no excuse for abuse.

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5. Money talks

While we stay silent.

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4. Cry cry again

An all too common experience, it seems.

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3. Better than expected

When you both know it’s bad, you know.

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2. He changed

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Literally.

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1. Clear vision

Blue’s not your color, huh?

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Best of luck to anyone and everyone stuck in a relationship they realize is a mistake. There are brighter days ahead.

Do you have experiences with this?

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